WHS Assessment & Safety Inspection Report.

Are you overwhelmed and not sure where you even need to start to ensure your business complies with it’s WHS legal requirements? Don’t stress, Play-It-Safe WHS can help! Learn more about our WHS assessment and Safety Inspection Report services below.

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We can carry out an initial assessment of your workplace to discover exactly what safety legislation you need to comply with. 


After our initial assessment, you will recieve a dedicated and thorough report that highlights exactly what your business needs to be compliant.


We provide face to face reviews to ensure that our customers completely understand what to do to ensure they comply with their legal requirements.


After carrying out the changes required to ensure your business stays safe, we offer report reviews to see if any areas may have been missed. 

What’s Included In Our

Safety Inspection Report?

Our Safety Inspection Report Covers Recommendations For:

Safety Management Plan

A written safety management plan can assist businesses to manage their workplace health and safety obligations correctly. 

PPE / RPE Requirements

Business owners are legally obligated to ensure that personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment is provided to employees when required, Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting can help ensure you don’t miss anything!

Risk Management, Assessments & Task-Based Risk Analysis

Our in-depth risk management, assessment and task-based risk analysis services will ensure that your business is covered at every base. 

Chemical Management

It’s important to ensure that all onsite chemicals are used safely, and that appropriate documentation is available when required; Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting can help make sure your Safety Data Sheet register is complete and that your employees use and store chemicals correctly. 

Incident Management

Not sure where to start with Incident Investigations? Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting can help! We offer complete incident reporting, investigation and management services. 

Safety Documentation

From policies to procedures, forms to registers, Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting has you covered! We offer a range of documentation development to ensure all of your legal obligations are covered.

Hazard Inspection, Risk Identification & Mitigation

Not sure what to do about an onsite hazard? Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting has you covered with thorough hazard inspections, in-depth risk identification and mitigation plans. 

Trend Analysis

Keeping track of trends is important in order to spot any weak points in your businesses safety management; Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting offers trend analysis to help measure and quantify your safety results. 

Safety Culture Development

Placing a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values and attitudes goes a long way to ensure your employees treat working safely with the respect it deserves. Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting can help you build and nurture a safety culture at your workplace with tried and true procedures.

Training Review & Training Provision Through Third Parties

Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting partners with a range of safety training organisations, meaning if there are any gaps in your employees training we have got you covered! 

Biological Monitoring Advice & Procedures

When working in a hazardous environment its important to meet your legal obligations and protect your employees with biological monitoring, we’ve got you covered if you need advice or procedures!

Ergonomic Assessments & Advice

Not sure where to start with Ergonomics? Never fear! Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting has you covered with our in-depth ergonomic assessments. 

WHS Management Systems Development & Support

Developing and implementing a WHS management system ensures that your workplace meets its legal obligations and gives you a solid guideline on how to manage safety risks.

Emergency Management

The last thing anyone wants is an emergency situation; We make sure that your business is prepared for worst case scenarios with thorough emergency management procedures.

Contractor Management

Managing contractors to ensure they are working safe can be a nightmare, but not anymore! Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting can assist with all on-site contractor safety management to ensure your workplace stays safe. 

Psychosocial Hazard Risk Management

A psychosocial hazard is anything that could cause psychological harm. Make sure your workplace and employees are safe with our in-depth psychosocial hazard risk management services. 

High Risk Plant Management

Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting can help you to ensure that you meet all of your legal obligations with regards to high risk plant and machinery. 

COVID Management

Managing COVID-19 safety and compliance for your business can be a headache, but here at Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting we make it a breeze! 

Worker’s Compensation, Rehabilitation & Return To Work Coordinator Framework

Not sure where to start with helping an injured worker get back on track? Play-It-Safe WHS Consulting has you covered! We can assist with workers compensation claims, rehabilitation and return to work coordination services to ensure that things return to normal as soon as possible. 


Certified OHS Practitioner

We offer a wide range of safety advisor services including safety legislation advice & compliance evaluating, incident investigations, risk management, WHS management systems, chemical management, rehabilitation & return to work coordination, fatigue risk management and more. To learn more about us, check out our about page below! 

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Why Choose Us?

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We have over 10 years experience in the safety industry, working with some of Australia’s largest companies. 

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We provide WHS Assessment Service and Safety Inspection Reports tailored to your business. 

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WHS Requirements

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